Thursday, April 19, 2012

God Gave Us Love

God Gave Us Love
By Lisa Tawn Bergren
Art by Laura J. Bryant

This is not your typical children’s book. Bergren has written a unique story explaining God’s love to children (and adults who read them the book!). Little Cub asks deep, everyday questions to his knowledgeable Grampa, who in response teaches Little Cub of God’s special love for us.

The concepts in this book are sound and Biblical. God’s love is hard to explain and understand, but it is great to teach young children the concept early and give them a lot of time to grasp the concept.

I received this book first from Blogging for Books, and in the next week I was given it (and it’s sister book) at a baby shower, and in the next week my church gave me a copy. I believe this book must be or already is popular! You can’t teach your children anything more important than God’s love – pick up this book for them today!

Thank you Blogging for Books for this free book!

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