Monday, May 17, 2010

A few more weeks and a few more new recipes...

A few weeks ago Mom mailed me a new spaetzle maker, one of George's favorites. Cabbage and onions steamed in butter and cabbage juice, homemade noodles, with cottage cheese, tomatoes, and onions on the side. Classic! George's grandmother is a pro at it - I'm a rookie.

For Angie's birthday, last night I made homemade yellow cupcakes. With a half stove/oven, you do what you can. I have learned that cupcake liners, 90 for 89 cents, are worth the penny a piece. Removing stubborn cupcakes is annoying and unappealing. There are a few leftover pieces in the freezer for Megan to clean up when she visits on Thursday!

Andrea, a fellow MCCer, and I ran a 5K this weekend. The weather was perfect, and we celebrated our accomplishment by spending 6 hours at the lake and then burgers on the grill. MAYBE a 10K will be next?

Thursday Megan is arriving, and we were going to Yellowstone for FOUR days over the weekend. Last weekend was 80 degrees, and the coming weekend is a high of 44 for the four days and lows in the twenties. Megan's toughness doesn't compare to mine, and her fingers and toes wouldn't survive the trip. What to do instead? :(


  1. You will have to post pictures of your trip with Megan!

  2. I agree, you should post some pics! :)