Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Storm Warnings

Billy Graham is at heart an evangelist, not primarily an author, which I should have prepared myself for prior to beginning Storm Warning: Whether Global Recession, Terrorist Threats, or Devastating Natural Disasters, These Ominous Shadows Must Bring Us Back to the Gospel. Graham presents many current day disasters and events that are warnings signs of the end age and examines and deciphers the book of Revelations.

Instead of Graham diving into current and future events that stemmed from Biblical prophecies as I had expected, I struggled through the first 100 pages of Storm Warning, waiting for insight and information. The book is fairly simplistic, slow, and written for a general audience, which was not what I expected. As usual, unmet expectations can destroy a perfectly good experience, which could be the main reason I did not enjoy this read.

While describing and explaining the last book of the Bible, Billy Graham does not miss an opportunity to share the gospel message in Storm Warnings. The reason to discuss end times is install a bit of realistic fear into a sinful human race, which Graham does in a very positive, encouraging manner. I am a believer and think it is very important to share the gospel but wish more of this book was devoted to insights and descriptions of relevant current events. I hope believers and non-believers are touched by his message - he paints a great word picture of the author and message of Revelations, but this read left me wanting more.


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  3. I read this book.. ohhh it's got to be at least 10 years ago, but i'm thinking closer to 15 lol.. interesting points you brought up, i might have to pull it out again just to see.. and yes I totally agree evangilist first, author somewhere 2ndish LOL.
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