Friday, July 30, 2010

The Big Two Six

Now I know what Hanukkah is like! My birthday isn't until tomorrow but it's been such a great few weeks leading up the big two six. Balloons, flowers, dinner, a headlamp, more balloons, clothes, 3D Jesus (yes, a 3D Jesus), Mike's hard lemonade, and a re-gifted i tunes gift card (any guesses who would give me that??)

George put a balloon in his mom's trunk two weeks ago, before he left for work, that she delivered's the thought that counts for this surprise!

Angie/Brooks/Wynter gave me capris and a shirt, in a size 8 and small! Did I ever wear a size 8?? Do I own any small clothing that I would wear in public? I haven't tried them on yet but I know it will be close. Flattering!!!


  1. Megan gave you the itunes?
    I am interest in the 3D Jesus, take a picture!

  2. I thought a little taste of your own medicine (aka cheapness :) ) would do you good, haha. Steph, you are probably the only person I would give such re-gifts to with complete full disclosure. You are the only one who can fully appreciate the beauty of such an exchange as much as me :)