Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do you want a best friend??

Love at Last Sight by Kerry & Chris Shook

We all want deeper relationships with friends, family, and our spouses. The Shooks provide great advice and information for doing the easy and hard things that will strengthen relationships. The book is meant to be read in 30 days, each day consisting of 5 or 6 pages of personal stories and practical advice. Each chapter is completed by a Love at Last Sight Challenge to push your relationships to that next level.

The Shooks have give us great information, but instead of a 30 day journey, I would have gotten a lot more out of this book as a year long journey. So much of the advice is wonderful and takes TIME. It is hard to just take note of how to change relationships without having the time to put it into affect. I love the idea - I want to pass it along to friends who often seem distracted by their children or computers or tv. A simple life filled with friends and not technology or shopping is so rewarding.

Take the advice given by the Shooks to heart - you will become a better friend and encourage the same in others!

I received this book from Blogging for Books. My options are not their opinions. Blooging for free books is an awesome program!

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